Video Poker: Some Basic Winning Tips and Tricks

A few years ago, casino games involved a team of players. However, with video poker it is a game between a single player and an electronic machine. And, it is money-churner which can help you rake millions at a single session. However, you can end up a session winning nothing at all too.

True, video poker is lot about chance. However, you can still get through with Jackpots and prize money. Here are few tips and tricks to help you sail through gaming sessions in flying colors.

Why Split Cards?

Many players can stop the temptation from splitting up hands in order to win the game. But, surveys show that if a full house is split up, you'd become a loser. And, there are others who split flush when there is still a chance to draw the cards. This strategy is also impractical. You can only think of splitting a flush when you can make a royal.

Splitting a hand when you have a good pair of flushes or straights can be a real disaster. You would only increase casino advantage through such a step.

What Cards to Abandon?

Video poker requires your skills and alertness all the while. Even though splitting is forbidden in many cases, it is sometimes essential to break a pair which does not give you a better yield. Passing off the kicker when you have a pair, can be a prudent choice. You could only lose - if at all -- 5 percent of what you have earned. You should also consider abandoning tens in a four-card draw.

When to Drawing Cards?

Although many aggressive players don't like to draw in a gaming session, it is sometimes the only option that can give you a better yield. Consider options where you don't possess a straight flush or you need more cards to make a royal flush. There can also be situation where you are holding 3 honors of different suits. In these cases, drawing cards would be the best winning option. Don't however; plan to draw cards when you have a hand with a Jack.

When to Abandon a Hand?

Video poker allows you to pass off a hand if you are not really interested in playing with it. You need to identify these hands and pickup those which are winning hands. For instance, why waste your time on playing with hands that do not have high pairs, flushes, or straights. The best option is to abandon them.

As video poker does not punish you if you played slowly, think twice before playing a hand. In special video poker games, such as the Deuce Wild, this option is highly needed.

What Machine to Choose?

True, machines cannot be predicted. However, there are some winning tricks that involve machines and the number of coins. For instance, a full pay machine gives better results than other machines. A full machine or 9/6 machines offer a pay table that value up to 9 to 1 for a full house. The pay table also offers a value of 6 to 1 for a flush. In other words, you should choose machines that offer a 99 percent pay back of the money provided by the players.

Now, after selecting the machine of your choice, try playing the maximum amount. For instance, use maximum coin slots during one session as it would increase your payout when you win a royal flush. Playing with the maximum number of coins would also entitle you to play Jackpots, Progressive Jackpots, and bonus rounds. In a long run, you are likely to win these enticing prizes.

Is Bankroll Management Necessary?

Yes indeed, bankroll must be formed and managed with due respect in any gambling sessions. When you manage your bankroll efficiently, you are less stressed. You also play keeping in mind the amount you can spend on a gaming session. Your strategies, betting amount, machines, etc depend on the bankroll you have kept for this game.

Enjoy the Game

Video poker is a game that is bound to give you a nail biting finish. So, enjoy the game to the core if you love gambling. Don't really plan to make a livelihood out of this casino game. The game would surely give you entertainment all throughout the session.