SEO Search Engine Optimization Success in the Gambling Industry

By: Robert Thomson

If you can succeed in optimizing a website in the gambling industry, you can reap huge rewards. Unfortunately, online gambling is one of the toughest niches in search marketing but if you take the right approach and follow some tried and true tactics, you are bound to increase traffic to your site. Here are 5 surefire ways to achieve SEO success in the gaming industry.

  1. Don't Lump Different Sub-Niches of the Gambling Industry together. The biggest mistake internet marketers make in the gambling industry is lumping all of the sub-niches of gambling together in one big category. There are a vast number of product variations even within a particular gambling niche such as sportsbook. Make different pages target different audiences within your niche. Otherwise you will have less click-through because your content will lack specification and be diluted. Alter the architecture of your website so that each page targets a smaller group of keyword phrases and make sure your meta-tags are focused.

  2. Link Popularity Always Beats On Page SEO. Optimizing your site's content is important. However, you have thousands of competitors in the gambling niche and most likely each and every one is making the same SEO changes to their pages. Of the thousands of pages that exist in the gambling industry, only 10 can make it onto the first page of search engine results. Increasing link popularity is a more effective way improve search engine ranking in the highly competitive gambling industry. It's always possible to increase the number of backlinks your website has in the face of competition while you can only do so much on page SEO.

  3. Make Your Website Accessible to Users of Mobile Phones. The gambling industry has experienced wild success with mobile phone users. To tap into this market, it's essential to make your site accessible to mobile phone users. In addition, make sure to target keywords in the mobile gaming niche. This is a niche that is growing exponentially.

  4. Use PPC Campaigns to Increase Traffic to Your Site. Google, which accounts for a large chunk of the traffic to online gambling sites, does not allow PPC advertising for online gambling-related sites. However, PPC campaigns can still be lucrative on search engines like Yahoo and MSN, which still allow paid search campaigns for online gambling sites. The demographics are important in this case. You have to be 18 or older to use gambling sites and since MSN and Yahoo users tend to be older than Google users, the conversion rates are impressive.

  5. Attract Return-Visitors with User Generated Content. There is a boatload of online gambling sites to compete with so the only way you are going to get your website to stand out from the rest is by providing user generated content, which is severely lacking in the online gambling industry. Create a sense of community for your website visitors by providing forums and blogs where users can interact and have discussions. As an added benefit, blogs and forums are great for your SEO linking strategy since users often link to them.

Make no mistake about it. SEO success in the online gambling industry is possible despite the hordes of competition you face. Use these tactics to improve your ranking and traffic and remember to always look to the future. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow so stay on top of your game just like any gambler would.

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