Top 10 Casino Bets

Gambling is fun and exciting. It is hilarious when you win games and take home a hefty prize. However, winning can be a distant dream for many if correct strategies are not adopted at the right time. Casino bets are a part of the strategic planning that is needed to win a poker tourney.

There are some bets which would not fetch you money while there are few more that would give you a better deal financially. To know more on these coveted casino bets, read on.

Raising Stakes in BlackJack

This bet works on card counting. Although most casinos have banned card counting and made it illegal on the table, some players stealthily work on it. Many get away as they do their job pretty well and don't get caught.

In this trick, the players initially play BlackJack in small stakes until the table has tens and aces in large numbers. Then, they raise the stake and start bagging money into their pockets.

Pass and Don't Pass Bet

Crap is one of the most popular games among players who wish to master their gambling skills and also try out their luck. There are few options where you can win the prize money. For instance, you can bet on the right section of the layout. Now, you need to follow the Pass and Don't Pass bets and work on the laying odds to win money. The house advantage is greatly reduced to 1.41 percent when you follow this trick.

Banking on High-Payout Machines

While playing video poker, you need to choose the machine carefully. Take the case of 9/6 Jack and Better video poker machine. You would be surprised to note that this machine offers more than 100 percent payout.

So, identify such machines and bet your money on them. You would soon see positive results.

Passline and Come Bets

If you've mastered crap, you can win bountifully if you go for the Passline and Come bets. These bets offer a house edge of only 1.41 percent. You can further reduce the house edge to 0.61 percent if you go for double odds on Passline or Come bets.

Pai Gow Banker Bet

Pai Gow Banker is a unique betting option that helps you to earn money. While playing the Pai Gow game, a skilled player can bank the game and act as a banker. All he needs to do is pay 5 percent of the betting amount to the casino as commission. The experienced player can set the hands judiciously to win the bet of the opponent and consequently, win the money.

Baccarat Banker Bet

Quite similar to the Pai Gow Banker bet, the Baccarat game allows a player to become a banker and play the game. On winning the game, the player has to pay a token commission to the casino. The house edge through this banker bet is only 1.06 percent. As a result, players who are confident in defeating opponents in Baccarat, go for this bet.

Baccarat Player Bet

A Baccarat Player bet offers small house edge at 1.24 percent. You can go for this bet to keep away from one of the worse bets, the Tie bet. However, you should know how to gamble successfully when using this bet.

Place 6 and 8 Bets

The Place 6 and Place 8 bets are one of the useful and best bets available in a crap game. The house edge is posted at 1.52 percent only. So, most seasoned players opt for these two bets to win a crap game.

BlackJack Basic Strategy Bet

If you play a BlackJack basic strategy bet, you have come a long way to win the game. A seasoned player would keep track on the number of decks used in the game. He can then opt for hit split or stand on the rules of the game, in order to win the betting money. And lastly, don't forget to follow the BlackJack Basic Strategy chart.

Basic Slot Machines

When playing a game using slot machines, you should choose the machine carefully. A basic slot machine with a single payline offers a better deal than multi-payline machines. Slot machines that provide bonus shots are also worth playing.

Betting is the key factor which is largely responsible winning or losing a game. Gambling is a game of chance no doubt. However, if you choose your betting strategies carefully and vie for those casino-bets that give you a lower house edge, the prize money could be yours. And, if you select the worse bets, you would be a loser all the way.